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Hoping to sell to the on-trade? hints and tips from the curators of Wines Unearthed

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Judy Kendrick: steps producers can take to get on-trade listing

The New Douro – exciting, memorable, stunning – join the producers in London

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THE NEW DOURO. Taste along the River.
The Vinyl Factory SOHO
Monday, November 7th 2016

More info: http://www.thenewdouro.pt/


Follow us on

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thenewdouro/ 

Twitter @thenewdouro

Instagram @thenewdouro


Wines of Hungary at SITT

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Wines of Hungary at SITT


Monday Sept. 19th in Manchester

Wednesday Sept. 21st in London

To register visit www.sittastings.com/register

“this century has seen an increased appreciation of Hungary’s indigenous grapes and her more traditional wines, which have benefited from improved winemaking and the commitment of passionate smaller producers”
Jancis Robinson MW www.jancisrobinson.com



Visit us on Table D in the Emerging Regions Section



About Wines of Hungary

If you’re looking for wines that really have a sense of place, are authentic and are doing great things with indigenous varieties then it’s time to discover Hungarian wines

Find 4 very different producers each looking for business partners and distribution in the on and off trade

CLICK HERE for our specific brochure for SITT and find out more about the wineries and the wines you’ll be able to taste 

At Wines of Hungary it’s our job to support the producers and support the UK trade

We are based in the UK to help you with promotion, support and knowledge


Caroline Gilby MW
Caroline Gilby MW will be on the stand in London from 2pm to 4pm: the UK’s leading expert on Hungarian Wines – come and pick her brains, find out more about the potential Hungary offers to the UK trade. https://carolinegilby.wordpress.com



Discover the producers

Attila Gere  This 70 hectare estate in Villany, is one of Hungary’s most well known wineries. They will be showing new wines that have never graced these shores before including one of the top wines of the region, Kopar, and a wine from a variety called Portugieser sometimes also known as Oporto which has absolutely nothing to do with Portugal what-so-ever!! 

St Andrea  Hungary’s wine icon and wine-maker of the year in 2009, Dr György Lőrincz, is amongst those rejuvenating the country’s winemaking. His St Andrea winery is amongst the leaders in re-establishing important Hungarian varietals such as the white Furmint and Hárslevelü and the peppery, red Kadarka.

Nimrod Kovacs Meet Monika Kovacs in London, and talk to her about this fascinating (principally on-trade) project owned by the ex head of HBO the movie channel. Interesting branding (connections/feelings – e.g. rapsody and soul), single variety Furmint, minimal intervention, minimal chemicals, restricted yield. Top notch stuff!

Csányi Winery A winery with volume and flexibility! Csányi Winery is the largest company in the Villány region with 375 hectares and annual production of 2 million bottles. With their text book Cabernets (Sauvignon and Franc) discover what Villány does best – great value and great quality.


Contact: Lilla O’Connor
tel: 0777 0556570
email: [email protected]
web: www.winehungary.co.uk/trade
facebook: @wineHU

Brazilian Wines in a Nutshell (and who imports them!)

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Seven facts about Brazilian Wines

  • The wines are more European in style than their South American counterparts. So ditch the comparison with Argentina and Chile and think more about European light, fresh, food friendly styles.
  • 40% of all wine made in Brazil is sparkling. This is their real point of difference. They make sparkling wines as they do in Champagne from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir using traditional method. They also make a wide variety of sparklings using the Charmat method (as in Prosecco) but it’s their fruity sparkling lower alcohol Moscatos that are especially enjoyed the world over.
  • In general, the abv (alcohol content) of the wines is relatively low, making them especially food friendly.
  • The majority of grapes are grown in the deep south of the country – so forget your image of rainforests and tropical climate; 
down here the temperature is moderate
  • There is one area of grape growing just 8 degrees from the equator in the North of Brazil where two harvests a year are possible. Grapes grow here thanks to the vast Sao Francisco river whose waters are used to irrigate the vineyards. Only 2% of Brazil’s wine comes from here.
  • Many vineyards are located at altitude (600-800 metres above sea level) and they are situated relatively close to the 
Atlantic Ocean. The cooling breezes from the sea and the cooler temperatures (especially at night) 
create an altogether cooler climate; perfect for growing grapes of quality
  • The majority of the winemakers have Italian heritage. Their ancestors started coming over to Brazil (principally 
from the Veneto) in the 1870’s. They still mainly eat Italian food.


Wines of Brasil in the UK is managed by JK Marketing.

Please ask us for information or point of sale material: [email protected]





Barwell and Jones: Perini and Pizzato www.barwellandjones.com

Berkmann: Casa Valduga www.berkmann.co.uk

Bibendum/PLB: Miolo Wine Group/Seival Estate www.bibendum-‐wine.co.uk

Casa Leal: Don Guerino www.casaleal.co.uk

Clark Foyster:  ViniBrasil/Rio Sol Wines (from 8 degrees from the equator in the Vale do Sao Francisco)  www.clarkfoysterwines.co.uk

Go Brazil Wines: Sanjo (from the Highlands region), Pizzato, ,Cave Geisse and Campos de Cima,, ViniBrasil/Rio Sol Wines www.gobrazilwines.com

Kingsland Wine & Spirits: Salton  www.kingsland-wines.com

Oakley Wine Agencies: Monte Paschoal (Basso) and Garibaldi www.oakleywineagencies.co.uk



Tejo – Warm days, cold nights – cool wines!

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Meet us at the Portuguese Annual Tasting on Wednesday (2nd March) Tables 86 to 88. 5 producers from the region looking to find business partners in the UK.

Register for the Portuguese Annual Tasting.

Portugal is trendy and a ‘must’ for every shop and restaurant! The Tejo region offers an array of opportunities for buyers. The region is investing in the UK market this year and wants to help its producers find more distribution and business partners. The diversity of wines that the country offers is reflected in this region which has products from entry level to premium wines and for all occasions. Tejo is a region with producers defining its identity and offering products which are just what the market wants.

This is the new upcoming and exciting region of Portugal! Certainly the region where Europe meets the New World.

Masterclass at the Portuguese Annual Tasting

‘Tejo: Warm days, cold nights – cool wines!’
with Charles Metcalfe and Diogo Campilho’ at 4pm on March 2nd
Enjoy a masterclass with Portuguese expert Charles Metcalfe and winemaker Diogo Campilho from Quinta da Lagoalva and taste 6 wines which will give you a real flavour of the region

If you are interested in attending this seminar, please email [email protected] to book a place. Places are limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis.


Introduction by Brian Howard: Co-founder and Associate Director of Wine Intelligence; Wine Intelligence leader for the Tejo Region International Market Growth Strategy project.

Presentation of the region and the wines by Charles Metcalfe and Diogo Campilho:

Charles MetcalfeCharles Metcalfe
Charles Metcalfe one of Britain’s best-known wine critics, renowned for speaking as well as writing about wine. He is a well-known face on UK television, having spent 12 years as drinks presenter on ‘This Morning’ with Richard and Judy. He has also presented food and drink programmes. ‘The Wine and Food Lover’s Guide to Portugal’, co-written with his wife, Kathryn McWhirter, won the 2008 Louis Roederer International Wine Book of the Year Award. He has also written books on matching wine with food. He is one of two wine consultants to the Corporation of London. He is co-chairman of the International WINE Challenge, the world’s best international wine competition.

Diogo CampilhoDiogo Campilho
He was born in Lisbon, but grew up on Quinta da Lagoalva in the Tejo, which was owned by his grandmother. There he enjoyed watching the vines grow and the grapes being turned into wine. In 2002 he graduated as a winemaker from the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro. In 2003 he returned to Quinta da Lagoalva, as assistant winemaker to Rui Reguinga. From 2003 and 2005 Diogo worked at Oakvale winery in the Hunter Valley, as assistant winemaker. He spent three years in Australia and New Zealand, soaking up all the secrets of Antipodean winemaking, before coming back to Portugal to take over the reins of the family business.

Producers present at the Tejo Corner – Tables 86 to 88

Adega do CartaxoAdega do Cartaxo
We are a cooperative with land extending to 1,000 ha. Our production is around 7 million litres of which, within our diverse range, 70% is red. We believe in our people, investing in them and in the technology we need to create the best wines possible. Genuine and authentic: This describes the wines of the Adega Cooperativa do Cataxo. A high degree of quality which is recognised by wine lovers all over the world.

New wine to discover: Plexus.

Fiuza & BrightFiuza & Bright
Very good quality for an accessible price.

We export 50% of all our production and are keen to find a good partner in the UK.

New vintages to taste: Fiuza Tinta Miúda 2015, Fiuza Alicante Bouschet /Touriga Nacional 2015, Fiuza Alvarinho 2015, Fiuza Touriga Nacional/Merlot.

Quinta da AlornaQuinta da Alorna
Quinta da Alorna combines a long tradition of wine growing and modern winemaking techniques. The estate was established in 1723 by D. Pedro de Almeida, viceroy of India and the 1st Marquis of Alorna. It is now the largest vineyard in the Tejo region (220 ha), growing a wide variety of grapes and producing several nationally and internationally recognised wines. Quinta da Alorna exports around 50% of its production to 28 markets including the US, Sweden, Netherlands, China and Brazil.

Two new wines to discover: Sauvignon Blanc and Alvarinho

Quinta da RibeirinhaQuinta da Ribeirinha
Quinta da Ribeirinha is a family based company. Our vineyards are planted on clay-limestone soil, and we have a dry Mediterranean climate. We combine innovation and technology with the experience and knowledge learned over generations. The vines grow on an integrated production system in which the use of chemicals is minimal, saving the environment and looking after human health.

Quinta do Casal MonteiroQuinta do Casal Monteiro
Established in 1979, Quinta do Casal Monteiro bottles limited production vintages exclusively from its 80 ha property. With an average age of 35 years, the vineyards are located in fertile alluvial sandy clay soil, rooting in an unusual combination and resulting in a low yield production of high quality wine. Moreover, the characteristic of the sub-Mediterranean temperate climate and its proximity to the river Tagus provides the wines with their own singular identity, revealed in both the lush aromas and the complex palate layered by a superb acidity – They are excellent food companions.

Contacts for more information about the producers:

Judy Kendrick and Ana Sofia Oliveira
Email: [email protected]


JK Marketing ‘Wines of Brasil’ wins IWC Generic Campaign of the Year Award

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The JK Marketing team won the International Wine Challenge’s ‘Generic Campaign of the Year’ award at the 2015 IWC award ceremony in London for their Wines of Brasil campaign.

Thanks to the Wines of Brasil campaign there has been a very impressive increase in visibility for Brazilian wines. However, the JK Marketing duo haven’t simply increased the visibility of Brazilian wines in the UK but have brought a completely new sector to the market, in a large part thanks to their hands-on approach.” – IWC





JK Marketing is The Drinks Business PR Company of the Year 2015!

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 JK Marketing celebrates Drinks Business Award 2015 (small)

We are thrilled to announce that JK Marketing took on the big boys of the wine marketing/PR sector to win the highly prestigious Drinks Business PR Company of the year 2015. From a short-list of three of the UK’s leading PR/marketing companies, the announcement was made at an awards ceremony during the London Wine Trade Fair at Olympia.


The editor of the Drinks Business, Patrick Schmidt, said:


“Even with a large team the results demonstrated by this company would have been praise-worthy, but for just two people to have achieved such an impact is deeply impressive. Between them, Judy Kendrick and Ana Sofia de Oliveira proactively devised a series of creative, highly strategic campaigns that over-delivered on a tight budget. Thanks largely to their efforts the UK is now the number one export market for Brazilian wine, after JK Marketing helped spark a volume shipment increase of almost 500% over a single year. Then there’s the success of two initiatives that symbolise the rejuvenation of London Wine Fair: Esoterica, a zone for independent merchants, and new for 2015 Wine Unearthed, which matches would-be exporters to the right UK buyers. In short, this is a PR team that really understands the wine trade and what makes it tick.”


As we went up for our award, the organisers played Stereo MC’s ‘connected’ – click here to listen – very apt!


It’s a great thrill to have been given this award. We are a very small team, but we pride ourselves on always going the extra mile. Business matching is key to every project we create, and this is why we are able to achieve such good results. We also have to thank Tom Dent of Double D Creative in Lymm who supports the creative elements of our business and is an invaluable member of the team. Find him at www.doubledcreative.com.


These awards are the only drinks trade awards that recognise the business sectors of its markets, so this really is the award to win in this industry.


About The Drinks Business: AS EUROPE’S leading drinks trade publication, the drinks business is at the forefront of what is happening in the drinks industry. We are determined to maintain our reputation by reacting to the latest developments and trends, as well as making a contribution to the trade with analysis, debate and opinion. www.thedrinksbusiness.com

editor: Patrick Schmidt: [email protected]  tel: 020 7803 2420

esoterica at London Wine Fair 2015 – who’s there

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esoterica logos

After a successful launch in 2014, Esoterica returns to Olympia’s gallery level at the 2015 London Wine Fair. 79 small scale and quality importers displaying 14 wines each in a table-top environment. If you’re looking for a niche UK importer with a fabulous selection of wines, look no further. Perfect for visiting independent retailers, sommeliers and press looking for interesting stories.


Red Squirrel Wine

Stand: F101

Acton Business Centre, Unit Y.14

School Road


NW10 6TD

United Kingdom

P: 020 3490 1210

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.redsquirrelwine.agency

Contact: Nik Darlington

The UK’s native & alternative grape specialists, with scrumptious wines from small producers in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Australia. A young & intrepid team, Red Squirrel has been drinking outside the box since 2012 and works with indies, bars & restaurants across the country.


Eclectic Wines

Stand: F102, F103

70-72 Richmond Road



United Kingdom

P: 07909 963 293

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.eclecticwines.co.uk

Contact: Mary Pateras

Eclectic Wines has been specialising, for the past 13 years, in wines made from  Greece’s ” Treasure Trove” of indigenous grape varieties displaying real character and a sense of place.

Director Mary Pateras; “Indefaticable lover and promoter of Greek Wines” (Julia Harding MW. Purple Pages, Dec 2014)



Indigo Wine

Stand: F104

P: 020 7733 8391

E: [email protected]

Contact: Ben Henshaw

Indigo Wine specialises in fresh and balanced wines from family-owned estates. While we’re best known for our Spanish selection, we’re equally proud of our growing portfolio of wines from Australia, France, Portugal, South Africa, United States and beyond, focusing on cooler-climate terroirs and restrained styles of wine making.


Hispamerchants Ltd

Stand: F105, F106

Threshold & Union House

65-69 Shepherds Bush Green


United Kingdom

P: 0208 740 4556

E: [email protected]

Contact: Neil Keeling

Hispamerchants was established in 2002 as a specialist importer of Spanish & South American wines. As well as Malbec, single varietals from Argentina on taste at Esoterica include Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. Wines from Spain’s Priorat and Rias Baixas DOs amongst others complete this selection from our 2015 range.


Ivo Varbanov Wines

Stand: F107

27 Pyrmont Road


W4 3NR

United Kingdom

P: 2085819690

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.ivovarbanov.com

Contact: Ivo  Varbanov

Concert Pianist based in London, vineyard owner in Bulgaria and producer of limited wine series. Annual production of 20,000 bottles. Importer of fine Bulgarian and Italian wines.


Marta Vine Ltd

Stand: F108

Romanby House

Heddon On The Wall

NE15 0DR

United Kingdom

P: 01661 854 533

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.martavine.co.uk

Contact: Marta Mateus-Bowers


Come to my stand and let me excite you too!

If you want to try a 30 year old white wine, 20 year old red, delicious boutique port or fresh fruity reds there is only one place to go!


Mason and Mason Wines Ltd

Stand: F109

Unit B, Hills Barns,

Apuldram Lane


PO20 7EG

United Kingdom

P: t: +44 (0)1243 535364

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.masonandmasonwines.co.uk

Contact: Laura Mason

Established in 2002 by wine buyers, Nick & Laura Mason, we are importers/distributors of predominantly organic and biodynamic wines. Contrary to banal, mass produced wines, ours are distinctive and quality driven, sourced from vibrant independent growers and offered by our passionate/knowledgeable team who’ll look after you personally and properly.



Nothing But The Grape

Stand: F110

3 Calico Row

Plantation Wharf


SW11 3YH

United Kingdom

P: 0203 5444027

E: [email protected]


Contact: Rupert Birch

Nothing But The Grape specialises in importing organic fine wines. We are a small independent wine importer, sourcing wines from vineyards whose ethos and philosophy we admire. Our wines are selected from vineyards who respect and nurture their soil, their vines, and their grapes to produce the finest wine possible.



Harley Wines

Stand: F111

Simpson Farm



CO10 7JT

United Kingdom

P: 07783 151788

E: [email protected]

Contact: Sam Hellyer

Harley Wines supplies solely to the independent off trade and on trade. From roots with four family run South African vineyards we’ve recently taken on the agency for three Uruguayan vineyards. We deal with unique and interesting vineyards and customers.



New Generation Wines

Stand: F112, F113


United Kingdom

P: 075000 83400

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.newgenerationwines.com

Contact: Andy Muscat

New Generation Wines was established in 2006 to exclusively import a selection of dynamic, up-and-coming stars from across the wine world. We have built up a portfolio of  wineries following a strong theme – they are owned and run by driven people who demand the highest quality.


Condor Wines

Stand: F114

Hampton Lane


B91 2PT

United Kingdom

P: (0) 7508 825 488

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.condorwines.co.uk

Contact: Lee Evans

Condor Wines is a specialist for Argentina and Chile, representing producers located in both established and emerging regions. We supply leading distributors throughout the UK, offering a diverse portfolio and wines with an exceptional price-quality relationship.


Carte Blanche Wines Limited

Stand: F115


United Kingdom

P: 01256 772 233

E: [email protected]

Contact: Ben Llewelyn

Founded in 2009 we now represent over 35 producers who we have visited and respect enormously and  we work with over 100 restaurants and 30 independent wine merchants. That is what we do.



The Winemakers Club

Stand: F116

41a Farringdon st


Ec4a 4an

United Kingdom

P: 2072362936

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.thewinemakersclub.co.uk

Contact: John Baum

We at the Winemakers Club welcome the unusual and interesting, especially in our wines. With producers that offer a reflection on their land and its surroundings.



Peter Osborne Fine Wines Ltd

Stand: F117

Watcombe Manor Farm

Ingham Lane,


OX49 5EB

United Kingdom

P: 01491 612 311

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.peterosbornewine.co.uk

Contact: Martin Chapman

This year we are celebrating our 40th year in business! We offer exclusively shipped quality wines from smaller producers that are not sold to supermarkets or other chains.  Excellent wines from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia – several new to our list.


Las Bodegas

Stand: F118

Unit 2 Wellbrook Farm

Berkeley Road


TN20 6EH

United Kingdom

P: 01435874772

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.lasbodegas.co.uk

Contact: Laurie Webster

Las Bodegas is the UK’s leading specialist importer of wines from Argentina, all from small to medium-sized wineries, with a growing list of wines from Languedoc-Roussillon and Spain. The company also specializes in developing and supplying proprietor wine brands to customers throughout the UK.



Southern Wine Roads

Stand: F119

23 Ruskin Drive



United Kingdom

P: 7775 714595

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.southernwineroads.com

Contact: Maria Moutsou

Importers of Fine Greek Wine.

Our knowledge and collaboration with boutique wineries goes a long way and allows us to offer the best labels from 15 quality producers and more than 10 indigenous grape varieties. Over 65% of our wines are certified organic, some biodynamic and released in small quantities.


Maltby & Greek

Stand: F120

76 Druid St



United Kingdom

P: +44 (0) 207 993 4548

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.maltbyandgreek.com

Contact: Stefanos Kokotos

Maltby&Greek is the UK’s leading supplier and distributor of premium Greek food and wine, sourcing the finest quality food and wines from around Greece, working directly with a network of small artisan producers. We currently represent: Alpha Estate, Domaine Karanika, Domaine Sigalas, Domaine Spiropoulos, Ktima Kokotos, Ktima Vourvoukeli, Mylonas Winery.


Burridges of Arlington St

Stand: F121

Burridge House

Priestley Way


RH10 9NT

United Kingdom

P: 01293530 151

E: [email protected]


Contact: Edward Burridge

Burridges of Arlington Street’s objective at 2015 Esoterica to highlight indigenous Spain and to show our audience the huge and unique scope of grape varieties and styles with their regional variations. These are the gems that really make Spain unique from any other country in the world.


Go Brazil Wines

Stand: F122

Basepoint Business Centre

Ransomes Europark



United Kingdom

P: 01473 722999

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.gobrazilwines.com

Contact: Nicholas Corfe

Go Brazil Wines, now celebrating its fifth anniversary, is the UK’s only importer specialising exclusively in Brazilian wine.

In this pre-Olympics year, it’s a great time try our new Viognier; Malbec, Tannat and Shiraz blends; and semi-sweet sparkling Moscatel.

We welcome enquiries from all UK trade sectors and from overseas.



Aussie Rules

Stand: F123

272 Bath Street


G2 4JR

United Kingdom

P: +44 141 634 2665

E: [email protected]

W: http://www/aussie-rules.co.uk

Contact: Lee Barrie

Aussie Rules specialises in “new-wave” Aussie wines from cooler regions with an emphasis on elegance and finesse rather than power and strength.  Our portfolio of outstanding wines from small, boutique producers has developed a strong foot-hold in the independent retail and regional wholesale channels in the UK.



Dreyfus Ashby

Stand: F124, F125

Saddlers Cottage

16 Chapel Street


NG32 1SQ

United Kingdom

P: +44 (0)1636 858774

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.dreyfus-ashby.co.uk

Contact: Richard  Kelley

Established in 1936, the business passed into the hands of Richard Kelley MW in July 2014. Our objectives are to build existing French agencies, whilst introducing producers from other parts of France; noatbly the Loire. We also represent some of the most dynamic names from South Africa.




Stand: F126, F127


United Kingdom

P: 020 7431 2360

E: [email protected]

Contact: Damon Quinlan

We have a strong reputation for finding wines that punch above their weight, for unearthing rough diamonds, for spotting tall poppies and, above all, for using clumsy and ungainly metaphors.



Cachet Wine

Stand: F128


United Kingdom

P: 01625 250999

E: [email protected]

Contact: John Fozard

“The Independent Specialist” distributing high quality wines to the UK independent and wholesale trades. New to the 2015 Cachet list are seven Burgundy Domaines and Bordeaux Chateaux. Come and taste 14 great wines from Gardet Champagne: Pocas Douro & Port: Mendel Mendoza: Avondale Paarl and IRVINE Grand Merlot, Eden valley.



The American Way – Rich Fine Wine

Stand: F129

Studio F7, Battersea Studios

80 Silverthorne Road


SW8  3HE

United Kingdom

P: 07507 728872

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.richfinewine.com

Contact: Richard Brierley

The American Way is a highly selective portfolio of American wines from some of California’s most passionate and talented winemakers.  All wines are new to the UK and represent our favourites from a lifetime of tasting US wines. All wines shipped directly.




Stand: F130

44 Birdie Way


SG13 7SY

United Kingdom

P: 07951673599

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.SimaVin.com

Contact: Alex Signorelli

SimaVin the Italian sparkling wine company. We focus in bringing the best bubbles Italy has to offer. We work directly with small producers with a rich history and tradition.


Cambridge Wine Merchants Ltd

Stand: F131

2 Kings Parade



United Kingdom


E: [email protected]


Contact: Brett Turner

Independent Wine Merchants since 1993. Importing much of our own wine needs and we will be showing some of our favourites which we would like to share with other indies.



Expression Du Terroir

Stand: F132, F133

163 Stoke Newington Church Street



United Kingdom

P: +44 (0)20 7241 1881

E: [email protected]

Contact: Jess Scarratt

Expression Du Terroir is the wholesale arm of London Based Independent Wine Merchant Borough Wines.  Focused on supplying wines exclusively to the on trade and independent retailer, we work with dynamic, emerging winemakers rather than big Domaines to bring the best of a region’s terroir to the UK market.



Department 33

Stand: F134

Queens Road

Tunbridge Wells


United Kingdom

P: 020 34788090

E: [email protected]

Contact: Chris Bailey

A fresh approach to Bordeaux. Working with the independent retail sector and the on-trade we’re redefining preconceptions of this phenomenal wine region.  We specialise in great value Bordeaux from artisan producers whose sole quest is the creation of wines that illustrate the depth and diversity of France’s 33rd Departément.


Hallowed Ground

Stand: F135, F136


United Kingdom

P: 07799 414374

E: [email protected]

Contact: Amelia Jukes

Hallowed Ground champions fine wine from across Australia, New Zealand and Italy. Our diverse portfolio showcases regionality and true expression of site from small family run estates who each breathe, live and love their wines and the land they are produced on.



St Aubyn Leschallas Wines

Stand: F137

71 Vernham Row

Vernham Dean


SP11 0LH

United Kingdom

P: 01264 737700

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.slwines.co.uk

Contact: Rupert St Aubyn

Our main agency is Vondeling Wines, from South Africa.  Others include Provence Rosé Chateau L’Arnaude,  Claret from Denis Lafon, Two Degrees Pinot Noir from Central Otago, Quinta Da Touriga and Michel Mailliard Champagne.  We also represent Otero Ramos from Mendoza and Italian Terre di Valgrande and Pinkster Gin.




Stand: F138

P: 07767 406309

E: [email protected]


Contact: Kevin  Dilton-Hill

halfwine provides a service that’s on par with having your own sommelier source outstanding half bottles of wine on your behalf.

We only sell wine in half bottle sizes, and ours is the most comprehensive range of 375ml bottles in the UK today.  Each wine is personally curated by us.


Top Selection

Stand: F139, F140


United Kingdom

P: +44 0845 4103255

E: [email protected]

Contact: Jean Pierre Rabaste

Top Selection is a bespoke, innovative wine supplier, dedicated to sourcing original wines, made by passionate winemakers, from around the world.



Character Wines

Stand: F141


United Kingdom

P: 07985 889780

E: [email protected]


Contact: Andrea Hargrave

Character Wines specialise in sourcing wines from more unusual countries which will appeal to businesses and individuals looking for something different.  The wines are particularly suitable for restaurants, wine bars and specialist independents. Wines are selected at source by our in house team which includes a Master of Wine.


Robert Rolls

Stand: F142


United Kingdom

P: 0203 215 0011

E: [email protected]

Contact: Maxime Delaporte

Robert Rolls & Co is an independent  wine merchant purchasing directly from growers in France, specializing in Burgundy, where for over 30 years Robert has been working with some of the most reputable domaines. In addition, we have a wide-ranging array of terroir-driven wines from across France’s principal appellations.



Barton Brownsdon & Sadler Ltd

Stand: F143

Court Garden Farm

Orchard Lane



United Kingdom

P: 1273 841111

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.bbswine.com

Contact: Giles Budibent

Barton Brownsdon & Sadler, established in 1985, is a family-run wine importer and agent that specialises in supplying the independent trade from UK stock held under bond and ex-cellars. Traditionally strong on France, BBS also represents some good producers from elsewhere in Europe and the New World.



Delibo Wine

Stand: F144


United Kingdom

P: 07802405627

E: [email protected]

Contact: James Fleetwood

Delibo Wine Agencies sources innovative wines from around the world which offer quality and value. Most are from independent, family-owned, ‘boutique’ producers.



The Wine Agency Ltd

Stand: F145


United Kingdom

P: 01516 258 422

E: [email protected]

Contact: David Large

After spending a generation in the UK wine trade, David Large decided to create a wine business that relies on the sourcing of wines from small estates obsessed with making wines of great quality and typicity. The Wine Agency seeks to offer esoteric wines of amazing value-for-money.



Doran Family Vintners

Stand: F146

104 Teddington Park Road


TW11 8NE

United Kingdom

P: 020 89 77 3843

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.doranvineyards.co.za

Contact: Edwin Doran

I bought my South African wine farm in September 2010. We produced our maiden premium wine vintage in 2013 for which we have received multi awards, including gold, in many parts of the world. Our wines are top quality, at very attractive prices, made by maverick winemaker Martin Lamprecht..



Theatre of Wine

Stand: F147


United Kingdom

P:  020 8858 6363

E: [email protected]

Contact: Daniel Illsley

Since 2002 Theatre of Wine has been on a voyage of discovery.  A voyage beyond the grand crus of Burgundy and the classed growths of Bordeaux, a voyage to discover new wines from new regions.  We look forward to introducing you to the wines and their makers.


Whisper Vine

Stand: F148

86-90 Paul Street




United Kingdom

P: 020 3322 5447

E: [email protected]

Contact: Diego Pistellato

Italian wine specialist sourcing direct from independent producers. Outstanding quality wines from indigenous and mainstream grapes. Importing wines we passionately love at realistic prices. Looking to increase our network and coverage within the UK.



SpaNiche Wines

Stand: F149

142 Middle Lane


N8 7JP

United Kingdom

P: 020 8347 9447

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.spaniche-wines.co.ukl

Contact: Roland Young

SpaNiche Wines is a company set up to import fine wines from Spain and highlight the wide selection the country offers. These wines come from small, mainly family-run wineries in different regions from wineries where the ‘terroir’ and the age of the vines are of the utmost importance.



Loire Valley Wine Ltd.

Stand: F150

Domaine du Prieuré




P: 254 44 11 62

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.amandaswines.co.uk

Contact: Amanda Gallou

Delicious, unoaked, French wines carefully selected from independent growers in the Loire Valley.

The growers, many of whom have a connection with the land dating back centuries, make these wines in relatively small quantities.

The wines are raised year by year according to the characteristics of the climate.



Little Beauty Bespoke New Zealand Wine / VINULTRA

Stand: F151

43/45 La Motte St

St Helier



P: 7887953373

E: [email protected]

Contact: Fleur McCree

Single Vineyard range from the Waihopai Valley, Marlborough: includes Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Dry Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer.  Targeting On Premise.

Debuting 2015:  Little Beauty BLACK EDITION; limited production, wild barrel fermentation wines including Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.  Little Beauty is privately owned and independent.



The Wine Treasury Ltd

Stand: F152

69-71 Bondway



United Kingdom

P: 0207793 9999

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.winetreasury.com

Contact: James Doidge

An award winning,  national importer, our unorthodox portfolio reflects our enthusiasm for the diversity of the world’s wines. Our selection does not pretend to be comprehensive: instead, we select wineries which we consider to have something truly distinctive and unique to offer, wherever they may come from.


Humble Grape

Stand: F153

7 Altenberg Gardens



SW11 1JH

United Kingdom

P: 7734910048

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.humblegrape.co.uk/

Contact: Leigh Knowles

At Humble Grape we sell to the On-Trade and Independents.  Our wines come from the small producers around the world who are making little hidden ‘gems’, which have yet to be discovered.  Come visit our stand so your taste buds can figure out how small producers make the best wines.


The Flying Corkscrew

Stand: F154

The Lesser Barn, White House Farm

Gaddesden Row

Near Hemel Hempstead


United Kingdom

P: 01582 842150

E: [email protected]

Contact: Paul Johnson

Extraordinary wines for the independent on and off-trade.



Sommelier’s Choice Ltd

Stand: F155, F156

79 Grange Road



United Kingdom

P: 1689 855 034

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.sommelierschoice.co.uk

Contact: Tim McLaughlin-Green

Our philosophy for Sommelier’s Choice is and always will be to “handpick” boutique wineries producing wines of excellent, consistent quality.

We hope you enjoy our wine selection as much as we do.


Just Galician Wines

Stand: F157

Urb. Terra Meiga 6



United Kingdom

P: 01865 596121

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.justgalicianwines.com

Contact: Jaime Quiroga

Just Galician Wines brings a fresh portfolio sourced from 9 small and focus bodegas in the NW of the Iberian peninsula. Wines using primarily indigenous varities.  Offering distinctive and terroir driven wines. Locally based, attempting to be as minimal intervention as possible to communicate their story from an unbias perspective


The Shared Table

Stand: F158

P: 07932 665255

E: [email protected]

Contact: Fleur Pushack

A small group of wine-producers make up ‘The Shared Table’. The wines on show come from across Europe and include, ‘Domaine of the Bee’, ‘Mas Gabriel’ and ‘Domaine Treloar’ from the Languedoc Roussillon, ‘Marco Abella’, of Priorat, ‘Orovela’ from Georgia and finally, ‘Hart of Gold’ from East Sussex.



Vinceremos Organic Wines

Stand: F159

Royal House

28 Sovereign Street



United Kingdom

P: 01132440002

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.vinceremos.co.uk

Contact: Jem Gardener

Celebrating 30 years of importing organic drinks, Vinceremos has a superb range of well over 300 organic wines from Europe and the New World. The selection also includes Biodynamic, Fairtrade, Vegan-Friendly and No Sulphur Added wines and a wide choice of organic beers, ciders, spirits and liqueurs. Friendly nationwide service.



Casa Leal

Stand: F160

499d Hackney Road


E2 9ED

United Kingdom

P: 07957 572957

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.casaleal.co.uk

Contact: Miguel Leal

Portuguese Wine Specialist – We offer wines seductively original, with an exceptional selling potential. Our portfolio is diverse and covers all price points, we can provide personal advice, staff training and promotional events at your premises.



Georges Barbier of London Ltd

Stand: F161, F162

267 Lee High Road


SE12 8RU

United Kingdom

P: 0208852 5801

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.georgesbarbier.co.uk

Contact: Mary Barbier

How to describe our wines?.   Let’s start with amazing, wonderful, delightful, perfect, ideal, elegant, sophisticated, classy, tasteful, refined, tasty,  appetising, succulent, flavoursome, delicious, yummy, premier, best, leading, exclusive , elite, select, special .  Words are good but actions speak louder so come to meet  us for a special tasting!



Tilley’s Wines

Stand: F163

49-59 Eastfield Road,


NN29 7RS

United Kingdom

P: (0)1933664792

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.tilleys-wines.com

Contact: Annabelle Tilley

Tilley’s Wines is an importer and distributor of premium wines from South Australia. Founded in 1985, it remains a family business led by Ivor  and his daughter Annabelle.

We champion small, family-run vineyards that produce wines soaked in character and complexity that exemplify the quality and personality of the region.




Stand: F164

Pen Mill Farm Cottage

Coombe St

Penselwood, Wincanton


United Kingdom

P: 01747 841 279 & 07907 385445

E: [email protected]

Contact: Henry Strachey

One man band that has been working in the wine industry for  twenty years, my experience is wide ranging, from working with  mail order companies as a wine researcher,  running a wine importing business in the Channel Islands, to developing and implementing a vineyard for the Barclay Brothers on  Sark.


The Antipoden Sommelier Limited

Stand: F165

P: 0207 727 0082

E: [email protected]

Contact: James Leary

The Antipodean Sommelier is an Independent Specialist Importer of Award Winning, Premium Wines from both New Zealand and Australia. Set up by Tony Wellings and James Leary in 2011, the business has gone from strength to strength and now supplies many of the UK’s Top Independents and On-Trade Wholesalers.


Blue Clay Wines

Stand: F166

Flat 9,  Willow Lodge

61 Lyonsdown Road



United Kingdom

P: 7580213080

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.blueclaywines.com

Contact: Keith Lyon

We specialise in finding the unusual and  the unique . Wines full of personality and charisma which are ideal for the adventurous by the glass list.



Alpine Wines

Stand: F167, F168

3 The Grove



BD10 9JS

United Kingdom

P: 020 3151 3454

E: [email protected]

W: https://www.alpinewines.co.uk

Contact: Joelle Nebbe

We bring a peerless selection of wines from the Alpine regions at the heart of Europe, campaigning tirelessly to share our delight in these wines, their terroirs and the people and culture that produce them. We are the premier importer and distributor of Swiss Wine to the UK.



Vineyards Direct

Stand: F169

10 Cowper Avenue



United Kingdom

P: 7946329556

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.vineyards-direct.co.uk

Contact: Dario Langella

We only work with small, artisan wineries run by honest and passionate families that have decided to create wines that are unique, authentic and engaging as the characters behind them.

While on paper they might seem miniscule operations, nothing is modest about their wines and the values they stand for.


Yapp Brothers Ltd

Stand: F170


United Kingdom

P: 01747 860929

E: [email protected]


Contact: Jonathan Hoad

Yapp Brothers Wine is widely recognised as a leading importer of French regional wines and was named Specialist Wine Merchant of the Year for the Loire at the International Wine Challenge. Our 2015 list is the most extensive to date and includes a wealth of new discoveries.



The Smiling Grape Company

Stand: F171

Unit 1 Priory Chambers

Priory Lane

St Neots

PE19 2BH

United Kingdom

P: 01480 403100

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.smilinggrape.com

Contact: Matt Ellis

The Smiling Grape Company is an independent wine merchant based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.  As our name suggests, we sell fun, delicious and enjoyable wines that make people smile!  We source exciting wine brands from across the world available in the UK for both the on-trade and independent merchants.


Croatian Fine Wines

Stand: F172


United Kingdom

P: 01606 78 41 71

E: [email protected]

Contact: Mark Roberts

Croatian Fine Wines imports some of the finest wines from throughout Croatia into the UK for wholesale distribution to the on and off-licenced trade and for direct retail marketing and sales. Our wines come from regionally and nationally recognised wine producers.


Serenity Wines

Stand: F173


United Kingdom

P: 01227 713000

E: [email protected]

Contact: Ruth Simpson

Serenity Wines imports small, artisanal producers from Languedoc Roussillon.  Domaine de Sainte Rose and Domaine Jones will be exhibiting at the London Wine Fair this year.


Blice Wine Ltd

Stand: F179


United Kingdom

P: 07976 193 558

E: [email protected]


Contact: Stasa Mozetic Flauto

Blice Wine Ltd specializes in sourcing unique wines from Slovenia.  Our partners are boutique, passionate wine-makers dedicating their time and care to nature friendly production, creating high quality wines. You can experience and enjoy wines than arouse the taste buds and generate a burst of flavours enchanting your palate.



The Knotted Vine Ltd

Stand: F174

1-2 Faulkners Alley

Cowcross Street



United Kingdom

P: 7900407545

E: [email protected]

Contact: Eleanor Warder

The Knotted Vine is a young and dynamic London based wine importers dedicated to working exclusively with hands on, quality driven winemakers from across the globe. By supporting deeply passionate producers and selecting wines based purely on their excellent quality, TKV delivers wine that will bring enjoyment with every drop.


Vino Nostro

Stand: F175

Studio 109

5 High Street



United Kingdom

P: 07802 157261

E: [email protected]

Contact: Zeljko Tufekcic

Currently the largest distributor of Croatian wines in the UK, Vino Nostro represents passionate and dedicated winemakers with leading varieties from all the key wine-producing regions, showcasing their award-winning interpretations of Pošip, Malvazija, Graševina, Škrlet, Debit, Babić, Plavac Mali, Crljenjak and Teran.



Association of Small Direct Merchants

Stand: F176


United Kingdom

P: +44(0) 1933 664262

E: [email protected]

Contact: John Green

ASDW is a collaboration of circa 20 independent wine merchants importing and retailing niche wines from around the world to public and trade. On today’s stand the association is represented by Bela Wines – Portuguese Niche Wines; Green Cellar Wines- Premium Organic & Biodynamic; Sustainable Wines UK- Sustainably-certified, Organic, Biodynamic.



Meadowdale Wines

Stand: F177

35 Ashey Road

Isle of Wight


PO33 2UT

United Kingdom

P: +44 753 090 5380

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.meadowdalewines.com

Contact: Jan Lindfeldt

We specialise in quality wines from small, independent, artisan vineyards that are true to the grape, the people and the place. All our wines are made with minimal intervention and are low in sulphite. No synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used. These are clean wines with purity and focus.



Di-wine Ltd

Stand: F178

3 Tyrone Road

East Ham

E6 6DT

United Kingdom

P: 07857077362

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.di-wine.co.uk/

Contact: Flavia Paoletti

Di-wine is an import company based in London, founded by the Paoletti sisters thanks to their love for fine wines. After traveling to Uk, we decided to start this business to share one of the most famous and excellent product of our land, Tuscany.