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Drinking Wine from a Chocolate Cup!?!

Portovino are now working with Sivipa in Palmela who produce 5 different Moscatels, and also produce a gift box with 12 chocolate cups to drink the wine from (and then you eat the cup!) they come in a gift box with a special tasting glass and soon they will have chocolates filled with Moscatel.

Portovino have been selling Moscatel De Setubal for about 6 months and particularly like converting those who claim not to like sweet wines. They decided that there was a demand for these unique wines and asked Viniportugal to put them in touch with growers in Portugal, now representing Sivipa in Palmela.

Portovino are pleased to be their sole UK agent, and have on their list the delicious Sivipa Moscatel, the Moscatel Roxo, the Moscatel 96 (voted the best Moscatel in Setubal last year) and, of course, the gift box with the chocolate cups.

Please contact [email protected] if you want further information on these stunning wines.