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The official figures from the National Statistics Institute of Portugal up to the end of November 2010 have just been released and show spectacular increases in exports by value of 99.1% and by volume of 22.5%

As Portuguese wines continue to gain strength both in the number of new brands arriving on our shores and in the quality of wines Portuguese wines that the British consumer is drinking, we are also seeing even wider distribution with more and more retailers getting on board.

“We have seen new retailers really embracing Portuguese wines this year,” said Tania Oliveira, ViniPortugal’s UK Manager; “companies such as Naked Wines have really adopted Portugal in the last 12 months, and have great plans for 2011. You will see both Asda and Sainsburys increasing their offering of Portuguese wines over the next few months, and the independent sector is as loyal and enthusiastic as ever about the diversity and interest Portuguese wines have to offer their customers.”

Waitrose have been one of Portugal’s longest and most enthusiastic supporters. These results are a just reflection on the hard work and effort Portugal’s producers have given to supporting the UK market.  Over the years we have seen great strides from Portugal both in terms of quality of product and in adapting their products for the market. From our part we are looking forward to seeing even more interest in these wines and in continuing to offer Portuguese wines to the UK consumer.

Nick Room, Buyer, Waitrose Ltd

“These figures endorse what importers have been seeing anecdotally in the marketplace over the last year: namely, that retailers and restaurants have seen that consumers are taking Portugal much more seriously, and have responded by offering greater choice in their ranges. Portugal’s fabulous vinous diversity also means that this should be just the start of the UK wine-drinkers journey of discovery, and we’d all hope to build further on these results in the coming years.”

Danny Cameron, Chairman, Association of Portuguese Wine Importers (APWI)


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Over the last 12 months ViniPortugal has developed its sophisticated web site which helps consumers to find where they can buy Portuguese wines in the UK, as well as offering news, videos and blogs about all things Portuguese. There are more than 1,000 different Portuguese wines listed on the web site which are available in the UK today. Compare this to the handful of wines available only 5 years ago and this in itself is a remarkable increase. Any retailers not listed on this site can be included (for free) by contacting ViniPortugal’s UK office.