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Naked Wines helps producers to realise their dreams

Naked Wine

Naked Wines are currently promoting some new Portuguese wines on their MarketPlace platform, from oenologist Joao Brito e Cunha.

By the time you read this story, hopefully Naked Wines will have sold all of João’s cases and João will have raised some of the capital to realise his dream.

Joao Brito e Cunha says

“I am so excited to be here on Naked Wines, I hear so much about the Naked Wines family from my dear friend Mario Negreiro. Please let me introduce myself, my name is João Brito e Cunha and I am a consultant/producer winemaker from the Douro Valley, Portugal.

For some years now I have been planning to build my own winery. Rowan has told me that the Market place is the perfect place to raise some capital for this. The Douro Valley is a very complex and expensive wine region, we have so many different variables, with sun exposition, altitude, age of the vines, soil and many rich grape varieties. Building my own winery will allow me to improve many small details that will make a big difference to the final result. As a big thank-you for your help, I’m offering you a case of some really special wines at a big discount.

Please let me know any questions about my wines. And when my new winery is built, maybe you can come to visit me! Cheers!”

This campaign follows Carmen Steven’s campaign, a South African producer, where Naked Wines customers pre-ordered £120K worth of wine in one afternoon.