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Portuguese Wine responsible for Pig’s fate

Lunch at Quinta do Encontrol

Percy's fate is sealed

It all began with an innocent conversation over lunch at Quinta do Encontro with Carlos Lucas, Dao Sul’s chief winemaker . . . . the offer of a Leitão (Portuguese suckling pig) . . . . . the conundrum of how to get it back to Gatwick was, we were assured, an everyday occurrence.  The pig duly delivered to one of Porto’s top hotels was transported to the airport.

We were misled – it appeared that no-one had ever seen this mad-cap stunt before. But, with a rye smile and much sniggering, EasyJet check-in said Percy could go as hand luggage. Security were expecting him, and gate staff waved him through. But as he grunted up the steps of the aircraft the captain was there to greet him.

I’ll have no pigs on my plane.

Realisation dawned that he was not talking about the other passengers who were decidedly grumpy as their aircraft was delayed whilst staff discussed Percy’s fate. After negotiation he was banished to the hold, never to be seen again, or so we thought until he came riding triumphantly through the doors of the baggage carousel. Percy went home with Rosie Davenport (www.offlicencenews.co.uk) and was enjoyed by a team of carnivores in Hove that evening!

One of the funniest mornings I’ve had in a very long time – anyone got a better animal story?