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RABEL Wine and white Port Caldas


The wine makers of Portugal have been busy making new and exciting wines this autumn…

Luis Pato

Luis Pato has put on his rebellious face to his most recent red wine innovation: Pato Rebel.

Made from the great Bairrada vintage of 2009, Pato Rebel is made from 99% old vine Baga, fermented with skins of the (white) Bical grape. The result is a wine with all the complexity and grandeur of his legendary Vinhas Velhas red bottlings, but with a drink-now approachability.

Pato Rebel 2009 will retail for around £15 per bottle. For further information, contact Luis Pato’s agent in the UK, Raymond Reynolds Limited, [email protected].

Alves de Sousa

Tiago from Alves de Sousa Winery released a 50cl sweet white port Caldas on the 1st November.

The decision to release the 500ml bottle was to focus upon its great potential for fine dining; it’s a perfect sized bottle which allows sommeliers to “play” with it even more in their menus.

Instead of being the traditional aperitif drink, it pairs really well with fruit desserts and cheese (it goes really well with a blue cheese, like a Roquefort or a Stilton). There’s also the possibility to make the always pleasing Port Tonic, although Tiago believes that it’s even better on its own.

For further information, contact Alves de Sousa’s agent in the UK, Top Selection, [email protected]

To find a bottle of Portuguese wine locally, visit www.viniportugal.co.uk to search by location, importer, wine or producer.