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Region of the Month – Tejo


The Tejo, previously known as Ribatejo, is a highly fertile region, situated in the valley of the River Tagus.

Historically known as a bulk producing region, in the past 15 years it has undergone a massive transformation both in the vineyards and in the wineries, which has allowed a significant increase in the quality across its wine.

Some good red wines can be found from this region due to its alluvial soil and climate. The wines are tannic when young, but after 5 years they become full-bodied and fruity with a slight spicy flavour.

We interviewed Diogo Campilho, the wine maker at Lagoalva in the Tejo to find out about his wines…

LagualvaWhat is your favourite wine that you make in the Tejo region?

My favourite wine is Quinta da Lagoalva Talhão, this white is very floral, with a delicate and clean aroma and soft and fruity on the palate.

It’s a blend of several grapes (Sauvignon Blanc, Verdelho, Alvarinho, Fernão Pires and Arinto) It’s one of my favourites because you can experiment with several grapes varieties, which allows you to make and play with different wines to try to achieve the best blend you can make.

The balanced and fresh acidity prolongs the finish and is a perfect alternative to Pinot Grigio

3 words to describe this favourite wine?

Fresh, clean and vibrant.

What international food would you match with it?

Asian food is fantastic with this wine

What do you do when you’re not making wine?

When I am not making wine, I am thinking about wine

Diogo’s wine is available to buy online, to find your nearest retailer click here.