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Region of the Month: The Algarve

Max Birch

Many of you will have been to the Algarve on holiday, but did you know that they also make some very interesting wines? The Algarve is the most southern region of Portugal and has four separate DOC’s; Lagos, Portimão, Lagoa and Tavira.

  • Lagos – The red wine is smooth and fruity with a low acidity level. The white wine is lemon-straw in colour and tends to be full bodied.
  • Portimão – The red wine is light, smooth with low acidity and high alcohol content. The white wine is straw-coloured with a soft and rich aromatic flavour.
  • Lagoa – The soft and sandy soil and warm climate provides a rich distinct flavour. The red wines are ruby coloured which develop with age and are easy to drink. The white wine is soft and full bodied. Both have high alcohol content.
  • Tavira – The red wine is soft and pale coloured and with a fruity aroma. The white wine is straw-coloured, smooth and full bodied.

The Main Local Grapes are:

  • Red- Negra Mole and Castelão
  • White – Roupeiro (sira), Bual Branco (malvasia Fina) and Manteudo.