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Casa Valduga – visionary, structured, professional

The first thing that strikes you about this specialist sparkling wine producer is how this is still very much a family affair. Even Elisa Walker their export manager, who, incidentally, is not part of the family, feels a sense of ownership and claims she would never leave. Employment is high in this part of the country and so it’s hard for companies to incentivise good staff to stay and ever harder to recruit them.

This is a company that knows where it is going. The brands have a clear positioning structure; you can tell which are the less expensive brands and which are the prestige brands and how you get from one to the other. This may seem obvious, but, trust me, not that many producers understand their marketing as well as Casa Valduga. Have a look at the fabulous packaging.

Musical notes

All the sparklings we tasted were Methode Champenoise from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grown in the Vale dos Vinhedos near Bento Goncalves. Maturation starts as 12 months for the Brut Arte, 25 months for the Rose Premium, 36 months for the Brut 130 and 60 months for the Gran Reserva Extra Brut.

Vineyards further south in Encruizilhada do Sol provide grapes for the Marselan red wine – a variety that is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache, whilst even further south in Campanha they have vineyards producing grapes for their stunning Cabernet Franc.

A stunning producer – definitely one to watch.