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Champagne …. and legal in Brazil

Peterlongo is the only producer in Brazil allowed to call their sparkling wine Champagne. In an unprecedented win over the champenoise in the ’80s this producer now makes one million bottles of sparkling wine (champagne and other styles) and sells it entirely in Brazil although they’re thinking about exporting.

Production of sparkling wine started here nearly 100 years ago with the Italian Peterlongo family. This, the oldest wine producer in Garibaldi, the home of Brazilian sparkling wine, continues to thrive.

Big volumes of pretty decent sparklers available: Methode Champenoise, Charmat method and Asti method are all practiced.

We especially enjoyed the Moscatelle rose at only 7.5% alcohol it had great fruit, fabulous colour, was sweet but fresh at the same time. The white equivalent was equally enjoyable and they told us that they had the potential to make a wine under 5.5%; so good news for anyone looking for really low alcohol wines.

Another reconfirmation that Brazil really knows how to do the whole fizz thing pretty well.