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Salton: Hand-crafted wines of substance

Wow! Blown away with the investment going on in this company and the attention to detail they give to their wines. In addition to their own vineyards, they work with 400 families who provide 75% of the grapes; it’s a family run business that operates in some ways as a privately owned cooperative.

They are current building a new below ground sparkling wine cellar and investing heavily in state of the art equipment, but still the remuage is all done by hand; pretty incredible when you consider this is the largest producer of sparkling wine in Brazil.

The revamped packing on the Intenso range is brilliantly done – evoking Brazil in a subtle, sophisticated way. Loved the sparkling Moscato and the Tannat. Cabernet Franc seems to be producing some of my favourite wines in Brazil and the Salton Intenso was no exception. Merlot, Cabernet and Chardonnay in the ‘Classic’ range were all very good examples of their variety too.

Salton has bought 600 hectares of land on the Uruguay border in the Campanha region to grow the grapes for their still wines. More and more producers are initiating this strategy, keeping the plantings for Espumante in Serra da Gaucha and moving still wine varieties further South.

In conclusion a large quality producer who is looking to build a long term relationship with a UK/European importer.