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Wines Unearthed at London Wine Fair – who’s there

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Wines Unearthed is a new area of the London Wine Fair, specifically for wineries looking for distribution. You will find 60 exhibitors and more than 70 wineries from 19 different countries.

To qualify to exhibit every producer has been through a selection process based on proven quality of their products. Every exhibitor has been sent a comprehensive document about exporting to the UK and they will all attend a seminar about working in this very demanding market. We want buyers to know that these exhibitors are prepared and ready to export. We hope you’ll join them at Olympia from the 18th – 20th May. Bona fide wine trade/press visitors can register here

Here are the details in alphabetical order by country:


Australia:  Margaret River, WA

Cloudburst Wine. Find us on K119

Cloudburst began with biodynamics before planting the grapes.  There has never been a chemical on the property. Even the vineyard posts are untreated.  Everything is done by hand.  There are no machines.  The vines are own-rooted, non-irrigated, super low yielding, heavily mulched.  They are planted meter by meter – almost unheard of for Australia.  The result is exquisite tasting grapes, the basis of terrific wine. The care taken with viticulture is continued in the making of the wine, with minimal intervention, allowing the full expression of our very special terroir.


Cloudburst is served in some of the best restaurants in the US and Australia and is in the cellars of wine lovers around the world.


Contact: Will Berliner      [email protected]    Phone: +61 437 333 373

PO BOX 1294 Margaret River, Western Australia 6285 Australia



Australia: Hunter Valley

Agnew Wines Pty Ltd. Find us on K118

Agnew wines is a family owned and operated producer of wines based in the Hunter Valley of Australia. We produce wines under 3 main labels:

  •  The historic Audrey Wilkinson  – showcasing the very best of a modern approach to Hunter Valley wines and winemaking.
  •  Cockfighter’s Ghost –  with a South Australian focus – in particular McLaren Vale and Adelaide HIlls.
  •  Poole’s Rock – pursuing single vineyard excellence form the Hunter Valley and Tasmania.

In the decade that the Agnew family have been in the Australian  wine industry they have forged a well earned reputation for progressive thinking and commitment to quality that has seen significant and continued growth domestically to be one of the most highly regarded mid-sized prestige wine companies in Australia.


We are now seeking opportunities to continue this growth into the UK market and are looking for the right partners to carry this success forward internationally.


Contact: James Agnew      [email protected]    Phone: 61410375045

750 de Beyers Road    http://www.agnewwines.com.au


Australia: Margaret River and Great Southern

Distinctive Vintners. Find us on K120

Our portfolio is mainly boutique premium Australian wines, all family owned and operated with small yields.

We can offer a UK importer exclusivity on any of our brands.

I have over 20 years experience in the wine trade – 10 of those working in the UK and a further 5 exporting to the UK / US and Canada for E&T so I understand the market and the regulations surrounding export. I have experience in shipping bulk wines as well as bottled and we also have the capacity to produce private label wines from Margaret River and The Great Southern


Contact: Sue Croft      [email protected]    Phone: 61415765563

23 St Lucia Rd, Iluka, Western Australia, 6028




Wine Cellar Villa Melnik Ltd. Find us on K128

We produce high quality wines from grapes grown with love by ourselves in one of the best known wine regions of Bulgaria and the Balkans – the Region of Melnik. Big part of our production is of indigenous grape varietals – Broadleved Melnik Vine, Mavrud, Ruen, Early Melnik Vine, etc. All our wines – from local, or international grape varieties show the specific characteristics of the region and the millennia-old  wine making tradition. We grow our vineyards with care for the environment, most of the operations are made by hand and with minimum amount only from permitted chemicals. We use mainly Bulgarian oak barrels which strengthens the specific character of our wines. We believe that importers work to serve their clients, we are confident that these clients deserve to have access to our wines of high quality and very attractive quality/price ratio.


Contact: Mr. Nikola Zikatanov      [email protected]    Phone: 3.5988880214e+011

11, Kocho Lyutata str., Levunovo, Blagoevgrad Region, 2817 Bulgaria




Vina Dalbosco – Find us on K145

Deep in the heart of the Limary Valley, Vina Dalbosco is nestled between the foothills of the Chilean Andes and the Pacific Ocean. As a boutique, family run vineyard, we love producing the finest wines from the region and pride ourselves on selecting the best grapes from our own premises.

Contact: Mikel Dalbosco     [email protected]

www.dalboscowines.com    phone: 07871 664135 (UK mobile)




Vina Laguna – Agrolaguna D.D.. Find us on K164

These are the wines of the Istrian table, expressing the lightness of being Istria in all its simplicity: light to partner the balanced Istrian diet; light in alcohol for everyday enjoyment; light in spirit to reflect the pleasures of Istrian life.


Contact: Sabina Salamun      [email protected]    Phone: 3.8591442099e+011

Mate vlasica 34, 52440 Poreč, Croatia



France: Ardèche

Terres des Almoureuses. Find us on K159

Terres des Amoureuse is a new project, very ambitious and very different from what you have seen before.

A unique project in Ardèche born in 2011.

The ambition of making a top quality wine in a new style.


Contact: Arnaud Tremblais      [email protected]    Phone: 33619854478



France: Beaujolais

Domaine de la Fond Moiroux. Find us on K160

We are producers of very traditional Beaujolais Cru. Up to 24 months of cellaring in French Oak.


Contact: Bernd Bachhausen      [email protected]    Phone: 3.5262115002e+011




France: Bordeaux

SCEA Vignobles Famille Curl / Chateau Gaby. Find us on K152

Vignobles Famille CURL possesses two exceptional terroirs – Chateau GABY (Canon-Fronsac) & Chateau MOYA (Castillon Cotes de Bordeaux).


GABY and MOYA are far from generic, homogenous Bordeaux wines. They have unique terroir-driven characteristics which have led them to become front-runners in their often maligned appellations.


Our company is more like one large, eclectic, wine-mad family: Canadian/South African owners, French winemaker, English salesman.


Importers will be interested by our original farming methods, our unique harvesting technique and the finesse and concentration in today’s GABY and MOYA wines.


Wines Unearthed is a perfect fit for us at this time as the I am relaunching the wines in the UK – new profile, new label, new story since the days when we once had a UK importer!


Contact: Tom Davey      [email protected]    Phone: 33643407666

Chateau Gaby



France: Bordeaux and South of France

Chateau la Tulipe de la Garde. Find us on K135

Complete range Bordeaux wines AND wines from South France.

Good quality wines, Michel Roland is involved in our winemaking, for good prices.

We are storytellers and we communicate through newsletters and social media with our wine consumers. In the Slurp newsletter the foreign wine farmer tells us in a quirky and funny way about his adventures in France (as in the vineyards, his Chateau and his lifestyle around it)


Contact: Angélique van Schalkwijk      [email protected]    Phone: 31638890071

235, Route du Chemin Court, F-33240 Saint Romain la Virvee, France



France: Champagne

Champagne Nicolo & Paradis. Find us on K150

– David Nicolo, third generation wine grower in his family, he has developed an extensive knowledge of the wine business over many years

– The signature style of Nicolo & Paradis – the culmination of a generations old recipe, delivered with outstanding s


Contact: David Nicolo      [email protected]    Phone: 33325273057

6 rue du Desert 10200 Arsonval France



France: Champagne


CHampagne LANGLET is a new brand. Though the wines we are selling today have been produced in 2009, we have started commercial operation for 2 years only.

Champagne Langlet is the association of 3 wine makers in Champagne who have gathered experience and means  to create a higher end brand. Though we are ramping up vinified quantities for the brand to accompany our growth, ou total capacity in the association is 50Ha of Champagnes.

We have a sustainable farming approach.

We invested 1M€ in 2014 to renew our cellar

At the moment, we are distributed mostly in paris on the michelin stared and bistronomic tables (Restaurant Jean Francois Piege (**), Restaurant la Scene (*), Restaurant L’arome (*), restaurant Frederic Simonin (*), restaurant Garance (*), etc. as well as Palace hotel like Prince de Galles and specialized wineries such as Lafayette Gourmet and Taillevent.

We are just starting our export operation


Contact: Mathieu LASNE-VILLOING      [email protected]    Phone: 33631264576

4, rue de Rome – 02400 GLAND – FRANCE



France: Champagne

Champagne Jean Josselin. Find us on K143

The Josselin family have been growing champagne grapes since 1854.  Champagne Jean Josselin was created in 1957, and is currently on the third generation of winemakers.  (The fourth generation are only 5 and 2 years old respectively, but they already love grapes and riding on the tractor!)

We make elegant, fresh and lively champagnes, primarily from Pinot Noir, which pair beautifully with food.  In addition to our lovely, modern bottle presentation, nearly all of our cuvées are low-level bruts, with a dosage between 6-9 g/l.

We’ve hired a native English speaker to build our international export markets, so communication will be quite easy.  We are sensitive to the needs of our importers and listen to your advice and input.

Contact: Sharona Tsubota      [email protected]    Phone: +33 (0)661889690

14 rue des Vannes



France: Champagne

Champagne Didier Chopin. Find us on K153

Champagne Didier Chopin is a family business started in 1989.

We propose a range of unique and specific champagne to on-trade and off-trade market. We work the three grapes in the Marn Valley allow us to propose 10 champagnes from Blanc de Blancs to Rosé. We make all the vinification by ourselves.

We directly work with importer and we know their expectations:

  • – same quality year after year
  • – good price
  • – rapidity, flexibility and professionalism

Our project is to reach 1 000 000 bottles sold in 2020. We would like support this growth with UK market.

Contact: Florent CHEMIN      [email protected]    Phone: 7923834759

10, rue de la Coopérative,  51480 Champlat-Et-Boujacourt – FRANCE



France: Champagne

SCV les Vignerons d’Hautvillers – Champagne Hélène Delhéry. Find us on K158

We propose «The Pearl of Champagne» :

  • a unique Terroir Premier Cru in Hautvillers, birthplace of Champagne, in the Marne Valley and the Mountain of Reims
  • high quality grapes from the work of passionate winegrowers
  • the know-how of a rare female cellar master in Champagne
  • a performant and modern winery with traditional cellars carved by monks
  • a very high quality range of products
  • premium bottles with elegant design, ready to seduce female customers
  • QR codes printed on the bottles allow access to a mobile website full of information on products

Contact: TABAKA Fabrice      [email protected]    Phone: 33 (0)6 79 68 72 89

chemin des Garennes 51160 HAUTVILLERS



France: Cognac

A de Fussigny, Cognac. Find us on K162

A de Fussigny, our flagship brand, is a luxury cognac brand which hallmark and differentiation factor is to combine:

Outstanding quality

  • unique savoir faire
  • Focus on Grande and Petite Champagne

With tradition and authenticity

  • In terms of how we elaborate our cognacs
  • And who we are (we are a 16-people cognac house – the last operational house located both in the historical center of Cognac, France and on the riverside)
  • We are based in our own distillery, established in 1814

And a lot of innovation

  • Packaging
  • Bottle shapes
  • Colour codes
  • Cognac ranges (regular line, single-cru expressions, organic expression, Vintages etc…)
  • Overall brand identity


To this end, our value proposition is unique, and we are bringing something new to the market.

Contact: Charles Mazeau      [email protected]    Phone: +33 659043845

11 rue des Gabariers, 16100 Cognac, France



France: Corsica, Patrimonio

Domaine Orenga de Gaffory. Find us on K107

Domaine Orenga de Gaffory is situated in the midst of the exquisite Patrimonio appellation in Corsica, a spectacular region inscribed on the World Heritage List.

The chalky-clay soils combined with the geographic diversity allow us to benefit from micro-terroirs and as a result obtain blends boasting complexity in terms of structure, balance and aromas with a huge capacity for ageing.

Our vineyard plots are planted with the traditional Corsican grape varieties: Vermentino for the AOP Patrimonio white, Nielluccio for the AOP Patrimonio Red and Rose, Muscat petits grains for the AOP Muscat du Cap Corse, and also Sciacarellu, Minustellu and Aleatico.

We implement rigorous viticultural practices by mechanically working the soil and applying principles of sustainable farming. For us working with respect for the environment and in harmony with nature is not only an ongoing commitment- it’s a philosophy.

Our wines are widely recognised by the world’s best sommeliers, wine journalists and magazines. Being the perfect expression of the distinct terroir of Patrimonio the wines are served at world’s best venues such as Pierre Gagnaire, Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athenee in Paris.

As an estate we strongly believe we produce quality wine with character perfectly expressing its distinct terroir that is yet to be discovered by wine lovers across the UK.


Contact: HENRI OU ANNE ORENGA DE GAFFORY      [email protected]    Phone: +33 495 37 45 00



France: Luberon, South of France

Domaine des Jeanne. Find us on K151

Domaine des Jeanne is an exciting new blend of wine with an artistic twist, from stunning Luberon in Provence. Our expert winemakers have created a pale, fresh and vividly flavoured rosé blend, packed with personality. The wine is uniquely presented with a contemporary label designed by a Royal Academician artist – known to be amongst the greatest names in contemporary British art.


We are a small family run vineyard based in the Luberon, South of France that unites local French winemaker and successful Welsh businessman.

We are exclusive with a growing production and plans to develop.


Contact: Rebecca Schumacher      [email protected]    Phone: 7500873997

B22 Albion Riverside, 8 Hester Road, London, SW11 4AP



France: Provence

DOMAINE VINTUR. Find us on K137

Domaine Vintur is an independent wine producer located on the lower slopes of Mont Ventoux, 33 Km from Avignon. When Graham Shore, a British wine-lover who has lived part-time in Provence for sixteen years, bought Domaine Vintur in 2010, it had been under-managed for several years and certain buildings were in need of renovation; what followed can only be described as a labour of love. The combination of Graham’s passion for both wine and Provence, reflected in the quality and level of restoration conducted. The vineyard now boasts a modern purpose-built winery as well as a state of the art boutique and tasting room.


Our resident winemaker, James Wood, has worked in vineyards across France, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand and England. James’s first vintage at Domaine Vintur, the 2012 Blanc Tradition, won a silver medal at the Concours des Vins of Orange. James then went on to outdo himself at the Concours des Vins AOC Ventoux, winning both a gold medal for the 2011 reserve red wine, Le Gentleman, together with the overall Trophy for the 2012 Blanc Tradition.  We have had further success at the Concours of the following years, winning a further two gold medals and three silver medals from Ventoux, Paris and Orange.


One of the reasons Graham decided upon Domaine Vintur was the vines. Most of the vines on the 12 ½ hectares of land are 30-50 years old, so fully mature. They therefore have the potential to produce complex wines, with subtle but engaging aromas and flavours. The location is ideal for producing high quality fruit, thanks to a combination of Provençal sunshine, mistral winds and limestone/clay soil. The Southern Rhône has a history of wine making dating back to the ancient Greeks, who brought over and planted the first vines, and the Romans, who expanded the vineyards.


Contact: GRAHAM SHORE – AURELIE SCHUBNEL      [email protected]    Phone: 7714097833

5386 Avenue Saint-Roch, route de Malaucene – 84200 Carpentras



France: Rhône

Terranéa Rhône Solution. Find us on K144

Terranéa Rhône Solution is a specialist of estate bottled wines from the Rhône Valley. The owners have more than twenty years of experience in this region and have established long term relationship with qualitative estates. Three years ago they decided to propose their service to export markets. So they are new comers and propose an alternative to existing brands, when looking for good value for price wines. They propose a full range of Rhône appellations and their services include a centralised place for collection and invoicing.


Contact: camille relandeau      [email protected]    Phone: +33 6 89 52 31 31

84 440 Piolenc


France: Saint Aubin, Burgundy

Domaine DELARCHE. Find us on K133

The producer takes care of the vine by controlling the yields and adopting a sustainable approach in the vineyard

He produces two types of wines, sparkling and still, from hand-picked grapes. The fermentation takes place in barrel and only natural yeasts (from their own terroir) are used, with no chemical addition. The wines are slightly filtered and all the attention is given to enhance the flavours, the fruit and the aromatic richness.

The producer’s speciality is a traditional method sparkling rosé wine made with natural yeasts.


Contact: DELARCHE David , BRAMI Vanessa      [email protected]    Phone: +33627796777, +33612391794

23 rue des Perrières, 21190 SAINT-AUBIN



France: Saint Leon

Chateau de Castelneau: . Find us on K148

The Château de Castelneau lies at the heart of the Entre-deux-Mers.  It is located half way between the Dordogne and Garonne rivers, less than 10 miles south of St Emilion, 10 miles north of the Sauternes area and some 15 miles east of Bordeaux


Contact: Loïc de Roquefeuil      [email protected]    Phone: 33 (0) 5 56 23 47 01

8 route du Breuil 33670 SAINT LEON FRANCE



France: Saint Vallerin, Burgundy

Domaine Charton-Vachet. Find us on K134

Small family domain in Burgundy, existing since the 18th century.

In the vineyard : no herbicides, plough soil, as few pesticides as possible, hand picked harvest.

In the cellar : oak  barrels and stainless steel vats

In the bottle : just grapes, a few sulfer and small fining


Contact: Didier Charton-Vachet      [email protected]    Phone: +33 6 43 48 77 53

71390 Saint-Vallerin



France: Tursan

Les Vignerons Landais. Find us on K161

TURSAN AOC : Last french AOC with unique varity in the World, the famous BAROQUE

Elected “Best Wine”  for perfect pairing with Asian Food in Thailand, HongKong and in Japan (because of Baroque variety)  So we have wine for Japanese food made by Japanese expert in food and wines, ESPRIT KI and TURSANSUSHI and also  special wine for Thai food made by Thailand expert in food and wines, TURSANTHAI.


Contact: René MARRE      [email protected]    Phone: 33683550633

30 rue St Jean  –  F 40320 GEAUNE



France: Various regions

Vignerons et Patrimoine. Find us on K144

Vignerons et Patrimoine is an association of 20 independent French winegrowers who share the same passion – for their vineyards and the excellence of their wine.  It offers all the benefits of a direct relationship with the grower, with the logistical advantage of a single point of supply.

With a range of 160 wines, it is an excellent opportunity for small importers to source a large range of wines from France.


Contact: Camille Relandeau      [email protected]    Phone: +33 6 89 52 31 31

Le Rin du Bois, 41 230 SOINGS EN SOLOGNE



France: Vérac

Château Fleur Haut Gaussens – (Vignobles P&H Lhuiller). Find us on K149

What makes our estate special is our individuality and visionary approach.

We produce wines that express a real sense of place, their origins, the family’s story and dedication.

Our approach is to make accessible, modern and interesting wines. We do this by using modern winemaking methods, blending less commonly grape varieties and by having a modern approach to packaging.

  • We’re a well established brand in France and other European/ overseas countries
  • We have a strong reputation based on the quality and consistency of our wines
  • We undoubtedly offer value for money
  • We are reliable, flexible and transparent
  • Our stock levels guaranty no break in supply
  • Our underground cellar allow us to stock and release orders in an efficient and cost effective    manner
  • Our wines are estate bottled (bottling plant is ISO 9001/2008 – HACCP)

Contact: Chrystelle Blake      [email protected]    Phone: +33 557844801

11 Les Gaussens 33240 Vérac




Danieli Winery. Find us on K163

Danieli Winery is recent wine producer in the Republic of Georgia and one of the few of a new generation of local wineries applying modern wine production technologies and know-how to the best of Georgian traditional grape varieties.

The roots of Georgian viticulture have been traced back through archaeology to at least 8,000 BC. Georgians were cultivating grapes and burying clay vessels, called kvevris, in which to store their wine for serving at the perfect ground-based temperature. In other words, the World of winemaking started in Georgia!

Danieli Winery grows only traditional Georgian grapes in the Akhmeta region on south-facing slopes near the village of Argokhi. This terroir is famous for the magnificent Kisi grape variety, which is enjoying resurgence after nearly disappearing during the country’s Communist period. Danieli Winery is proud to be revitalizing the modern production of these wines for the world to discover!

Georgian wines have traditional been produced in a large industrial scale aimed at the Soviet markets – or been made locally in smaller village scale in clay jars buried in the ground.  Both methods have given mixed quality results and never been able to be recognized by the increasingly demanding global consumers.

Danieli Winery has a young enthusiastic German educated wine maker with a great sense of quality control, and we have invested seriously in the most modern oenological and viticulture technologies to produce premium red and white wines for the discerned international wine lover.  And the result has gone beyond our expectations!

Our winery is gradually expanding our production – though still keeping our commitment to quality and we are currently offering premium and table wines of the Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Kisi varieties.  These varieties have long been recognized the best out of the more than 400 that grow in Georgia.

We are looking for worldwide distributors who will partner with us to join us on this forefront of exciting, high quality Georgian wines.  The initial interest in our wines will probably be in high-end restaurants, wine clubs with a focus of high quality wines and specialty wine shops.


Contact: Olaf Malver      [email protected]    Phone: (995) 599 62 44 11

6 Haidar Abashidze, 0160 Tbilisi, Georgia



Germany: Southern Wonnegau

Wein & Secco Köth GmbH. Find us on K166

Wein und Secco Köth GmbH, is a company based in the southern Wonnegau which has dedicated itself in creative ways to further develop and deploy the product wine.

Our CEO, Mr. Ralf Köth, 5th generation winemaker, decided to bring a strawberry secco called Palio on the market already in 1999 – the first of its kind ever.

The strawberry secco was followed by many other fruit and flower seccos but also season specific products.

Our customers really enjoy Palio secco for its expression of sparkling vitality.  From classic Palio Strawberry to the Palio Wild Hibiscus, to the crisp and fruity-fresh Palio Pumpkin, their light, aromatic flavours are suitable for all occasions – and with 27 different flavours there is something for every taste!

And for those who prefer something non-alcoholic, we offer “Perkeo” as there are Red currant, Pumpkin, Strawberry and Rosebud.

Of Course we also produce white, red and rosé wines. However, we would really like to focus on our high quality seccos as they are our main product with which we would like to bring even more sparkle to the UK. :-)

Contact: Christine Rushby      [email protected]    Phone: 4.9177877602e+011

Wein & Secco Köth GmbH, Untergasse 22 – 24, 67592 Flörsheim-Dalsheim, Germany




Angelos Noulas Selective Vineyards. Find us on K115

Angelos Noulas Selective Vineyards is a small wine business consisting of a high standard competent team who selects specific vineyard sites with exceptional characteristics for the varieties to vinify.  Angelos Noulas, the winemaker, attended the WSET Diploma and is aware of the international wine market trends and needs. He is making wines for the premium and ultra premium segment of unbeatable quality-to-price ratio aiming to challenge the international wine drinker’s standards. Team members: L. Gatselus, Enologist (MW candidate), K. Bakasietas, Viticulturist, MSc Bordeaux Viticulture.


Contact: Angelos Noulas      [email protected]    Phone: +30-6977 277554

Thionis 15 – Drossia 14572 – Greece




Bujdosó, Etyeki Kúria, St Andrea. (Wines of Hungary). Find us on K165

Hungary’s best selection of wines are rare and limited release – I represent 22 vineyards and will be bringing 2 wines of 5 wine makers that seek representation in the UK. Many have won awards at the International Wine Challenge and none of these are available in trade in the UK.


Contact: Lilla O’C      [email protected]    Phone: 4.4777055657e+011

48 Whittington Road



Hungary: Villány

Heumann Kft.. Find us on K117

Wine is our passion and dedication – quality the overall maxime.

We are a small artisanal winery that produces wine in Hungary’s southernmost wine region – Villány. This region is regarded as the best red wine spot in Hungary. Over 90 % of our vineyards have the Premium status of the DHC (Districtus Hungaricus Controllatus) Villány-Siklós. DHC is the first controlled designation of origin in Hungary and can be compared with the French AOC or Italian DOC(G). The DHC rules require et al a minimum planting density of 5000 vines/ha which we exceed with up to 7000 vines/ha.

Villány is very well known for producing outstanding Cabernet Franc – which is et al witnessed by Jancis Robinson and M. Broadbent. We are regarded as one of the top producers with respect to this variety. This is also true for the other flagship grape which is Kékfrankos (aka Blaufränkisch) the only real indigenous Hungarian gape variety. We put the same efforts into producing all level of wines – from entry level to the top wine.


Contact: Erhard Heumann      [email protected]    Phone: +36 20 347 31 96

Ipartelepi ut 2, 7800 Siklos, Hungary




Aribel Srl. Find us on K102

We propose a range of quality DOC and IGT wines from a number of different Italian regions, and bag in box


Contact: Umberto Galassi      [email protected]    Phone: 3.9338384589e+011

via annibali 31/L




Cantine della Bardulia. Find us on K106

Cantine della Bardulia was founded on 20th February 1980 by a group of farmers who wanted to make wine from their own vineyards. It was born as a farmers cooperative, the winery started producing good wine and it was appreciated by a small share of the local market. Subsequently the partners have decided to invest and to create their own winery. The new “premises” started working in 1989 vintage. Step by step the activity has increased, production has grown as so the customers who are really happy about services and products. HIGH QUALITY fair PRICES


Contact: Dania Faggian      [email protected]    Phone: +39 3421029536

Via Foggia 118, 76121 Barletta BT




Tenute Tomasella. Find us on K109

Tenute Tomasella is a family owned winery in Italy’s northeast on the border between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Annual production 100.000 bottles: Prosecco, rosé and white sparkling wines, and still wines from Friuli based on Friulano, Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Refosco.


Contact: Annette Lizotte      [email protected]    Phone: 3.9335652142e+011

Azienda Agricola Tomasella







Contact: FEDERICO MENCARONI      [email protected]    Phone: +39 339 1646742





Stesoph di Caroline S. Douce. Find us on K110

SteSoph was born from the desire of a group of people sharing the same passion. The passion to combine the pleasure of the palate to the story and tradition, and,  the typical senses of excellent food.

All our partners are top companies  that cares for the development of modern processes, always respecting the familiar tradition and accuracy.

Our accurate range of goods  mostly organic and sustainable (fruit of the generous nature of this area),  gives you the opportunity to buy and taste high quality products from different range of prices.

This is SteSoph.

Inspired by passion trough which we propose you an amazing selection related to an  astonishing land.


Contact: Caroline Sophie Douce      [email protected]    Phone: +39 338 506 20 29

Via San Marcello, 112 – 60035 JESI (AN) Italy




Societa Agricola Villa Loggio SRL Unipersonale. Find us on K111

Taste our wines and you will understand.


Contact: Hans Ensing      [email protected]    Phone: 3.9392852371e+011

Il Loggio 24 Cignano




Italy: Maremma

Poggio Mandorlo. Find us on K109


different things actually….

fantastic location in the hills of Maremma

beautiful vineyards

mineral character of our three reds given by spent volcano Monte Amiata

fantastic sinergy between local and very knowledgable/skilled agronomist and winemaker


Contact: Erik Klein      [email protected]    Phone: 3.9349552976e+011

Poggio Mandorlo Soc. Agr. Srl 58038 Loc. Ansidonina – SEGGIANO



Italy: Piemonte

TENUTA ROLETTO S.R.L.. Find us on K108

The old adage goes that experience is the best teacher. Since 1920 Tenuta Roletto dived into the passionate wine production tradition that has become a passion that has eaten deeply into the emotional fabrics of each generation that has run the family winery.

Situated in the Canavese Region of Piemonte which gives us that standout feeling to grow and produce from the special Erbaluce grapes which are only typical in about 15 Cities in the area.

Good Erbaluce possesses an unmistakable mountain coolness combine with lemony fruit,and the best examples can be endlessly long,fresh and focused.Wines made from Erbaluce tend to be dry with noticeable acidity which makes it ideally suitable for sweet wine production,the dry wines need to have considerable amount of fruit in order to balance that acidity. Both the dry and sweet styles of Erbaluce tend to exhibit characteristic apple aromas and flavours.

From this special grape we have been able to produce several types of wine that speak distinct and different languages in and out of the glass.

Our style of thinking Global and acting Local has pushed us to bring in the  the best specialist from the University of Torino to partner with us to carryout several researches that enables us come out with the best wines and the same time look forward to importers finding a new heaven in our wines.

Also mixing good Hospitality in our portfolio moved us to having luxurious accommodation facilities within the winery with rooms with all the expansive view of the Vineyard mixed with the great Mountain view. Strikingly, the rooms are numbered/named after each wine type  we produce and this gives a finishing touch which expresses how we feel about what we do, that we love what we do and we work hard daily to get better.


Contact: UKEME OFFIONG      [email protected]    Phone: 3.9329851246e+011




Italy: Sardinia

Tenute Olbios (Consortia di Vermentino). Find us on K103

Tenute Olbios is a family owned winery. The 45 years old vineyard faces the beautiful island of Tavolara, in the north east side of Sardinia, and it is constantly exposed to the sea breeze which spreads around the intense perfumes of the Mediterranean scrub.  Here, exclusively from our own grapes, we produce elegant and distinctive wines that represent our land and express the characteristic of the terroir.

Most of our production is the white grape variety Vermentino di Gallura, which in this area has found a perfect environment, in particular the granitic soil provides the grapes with a great level of minerality and the proximity to the sea increases the salinity.

The estate includes also an elegant and cosy tasting room where visitors feel immediately at ease and can experience unique wine tasting.


Contact: Chiara Meloni      [email protected]    Phone: 0039 0789 641003 – 0039 348 516 4805

Via Loiri 83, Olbia



Italy: Sardinia

Cantina Tani  (Consortia di Vermentino). Find us on K104

Cantina Tani was founded in 1980 and is located just 15 minutes from the coast. It covers an area of about 90 hectares and is formed by fifteen vineyards separated by grassland and forest. It is a beautiful place with a wide variety of flora and fauna, with a lot of rocks of granitic conformations. This area, a typical example of the “Gallura terroir”, give us the opportunity to produce our delicious Vermentino di Gallura D.O.C.G.

Contact: Angelica Tani      [email protected]    Phone: +39 338 6432055

Loc. Conca sa raighina 07020 Monti (OT) – Sardegna – Italy



Italy: Sardinia

Cantina del Vermentino (Consortia di Vermentino). Find us on K105

Our winery “Cantina del Vermentino”, whose name renders homage to this vine, thè noblest of the grapes cultivated in  Gallura, was established in 1956: today it numbers 350 associates,vine growers  and owners of vineyards lying entirely in the territory of Olbia and Monti, a small town whose boundaries  spread across the low Gallura and Logudoro districts, close to the Costa Smeralda. The vineyards of Monti comply fully with the regulations issued  in 1996, which laid out the requirements for awarding the prestigious D.O.C.G. (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin) title to Vermentino di Gallura wine. They are planted in soils deriving from the weathering of granite rock

and are located at less than 450 m ASL; they are carefully tended by means of traditional cultivation  methods of vine grafting, growing and pruning, in such a way as to avoid any alteration of the typical characteristics of the grapes and the wines abtained from them.


Contact: FRANCO PIRASTRU      [email protected]    Phone: 3479590085

via SAN PAOLO   N. 2



Italy: Tuscany

Tenuta la Parrina di Spinola Franca. Find us on K157

Tenuta la Parrina is one of the oldest historic farm that lies between the low hills of the Tuscan Maremma in a spectacular landscape with olive trees, wine yards and fields of golden grain. It’s framed in a land of rare beauty: Mount Argentario and the two narrow sand bars called Giannella and Feniglia that cordon off the magnificent Orbetello lagoon. From the Earth to the lagoons, a look at the sea and then back to the ground. The company is spread on an area of ​​about 200 hectares of which about 60 are destined to vineyards, 40 to fruit production, 20 to the horticultural, 22 to the olive plants, and the remaining are divided between arable land and growing nurseries.

Walking through the long avenue of Eucalyptus lies the heart of the company, a small square protected by majestic Plane trees and surrounded by the buildings that now house the Agriturismo rooms, the Restaurant, the company offices and the tiny nineteenth-century church. Within the company there are several Tuscan farmhouses for long and short rentals, the modern winery, the dairy, the nursery and the wildlife reserve. A complex and evocative company with an elegant restraint.

Originally a wedding gift of the Florentine banker Michele Giuntini, the Parrina has belonged to the same family since 1830 and it’s today managed by Dr. Franca Spinola, who dedicates herself since 1979 with great passion to the promotion of respect for biodiversity, the protection and enhancement of this territory.


Contact: CHIARA BRINCHI      [email protected]    Phone: 0039 0564 862636 press one





ET CETERA WINE. Find us on K129

Our company’s philosophy can be described in simple ways : to bring emotions to our clients in a glass of wine, to take care of the land which pays back us with great vintages, to produce reds and whites with the taste of our micro zone and magnificent terroir.

To share with people and developing the wine culture in our country.

Our efforts range from increasingly Ecological vineyard management and slow fermentation of the grapes to ageing the wine in new oak and serving it to wine lovers in our Estate Restaurant.

For importers we are offering a quality product with a competitive price.


Contact: Alexandru Luchianov      [email protected]    Phone: +373 68222287

Crocmaz, Stefan Voda, Republic of Moldova, MD-4218



New Zealand, France, Austria and Spain

Navigator. Find us on K112

The Navigator travels to all corners of the globe to discover new producers and to hand these treasured wineries over to the good trades folk of the UK. Enjoy today’s circuitious route through New Zealand, Chile and France


Contact: Mike Stead      [email protected]


New Zealand: Central Otago

Judge Rock. Find us on K114

We are a small boutique Central Otago New Zealand  Pinot Noir and St Laurent producer with a consistent record of Gold medal wining wines. Decanter has given our Pinot Noir  gold medals ( 2010 and 2012)  and the 2006 Pinot Noir received 5 stars from Decanter. We have also received gold and silver medals from the IWSC. for the 2010 and 2012 pinot noirs. Jamie Goode has given our 2012 Pinot Noir a score of 94/100 and our 2011 St Laurent 92/100

Within New Zealand we have consistently since 2006 received either silver or gold medals from the Air New Zealand wine Awards.


Contact: Angela Jacobson      [email protected]    Phone: +643 4485059 or +64274279108

36 hillview road RD 1 Alexandra Central Otago New Zealand 9391



New Zealand: Marlborough’s Waihopai Valley

Landon-Lane/Janssen Family Vineyard. Four Hawk Day. Find us on K115

Our family has been growing grapes in Marlborough’s Waihopai Valley for 23 years, so we are an authentic family vineyard, with a great story behind our name and our wines. The name originates from a family saying based on a ‘hawk spotting’ game the children used to play in the back seat on the way to kindergarten. To see four hawks was a rare and fortuitous occurrence, so we say we hope people have a ‘four hawk day’ when they drink our wine.

Our label is based on a painting our daughter did when she was 10 years old.

The vines are low cropped on only two canes, in an area that features a high diurnal range. These features contribute to the production of wines that feature distinctive fruit flavours balanced with a dry palate.

This is our fourth season with our own label. So far we have focused on the local market. We are now ready to look at establishing an international market, especially for our Sauvignon Blanc, of which we can supply up to 17,000 bottles this year.


Contact: Jo Janssen      [email protected]    Phone: 35724023

294 Tyntesfield Rd



New Zealand: Waipara Valley

Bishops Head Wines. Find us on K113

We are a small, family owned wine business, passionate about making wines in a European style that reflect the amazing attributes of the Waipara Valley and New Zealand.


Our winemaking team of Peter Saunders and Paul Hewitt have extensive international winemaking experience and over 40 years combined in the wine industry.

Our Bishops Head wines are made in small quantities and grown on our Estate vineyards. Hand harvested, fermented using the native/wild yeast strain and aged in barrel, the wines are made very traditionally and with as few non-natural inputs as possible.

The grapes for Rockface, our ‘fighting’ brand come from our own vineyards and those of selected growers. These wines are more fruit driven and a typical expression of well made wines in a New Zealand style. Rockface is enjoying fantastic growth in the NZ domestic market in the F&B trade as a great value glass pour option, and also in the grocery sector. We are looking for a suitable partner to work with us to expand Rockface into the UK market.


Contact: Peter Saunders      [email protected]    Phone: +64 21 388289

124 Mackenzies Rd, P O Box 111, Waipara 7447, New Zealand



Portugal: Dão

Lagar de Darei. Find us on K138

The Darei wines are a pure reflection of the Dão´s terroir, They are wines the family want authentic and real – they do not follow trends, they are natural, handmade, pure, real wines, with personality and consistency.

Contact: Carlo Ruivo     [email protected]     Phone: +351 232 613200

Mangualde 3530-107, Portugal



Portugal: Alentejo and Lisbon

Joaquim Arnaud. Find us on K141

Joaquim & Luisa Arnaud represents the knot between two traditional Portuguese Families  the Arnaud”s from Alentejo and the Merceanas from Alenquer (Lisbon). Both families are very attached to the wines of these regions

Contact: Joaquim Arnaud    [email protected]           Phone: 00 (351) 961472558


Portugal: Douro

Pinalta. Find us on K140

Besides the well know special character of the Douro Region, Pinalta is a small family owned winery are commited to produce unique wines taking advantage of old traditional methods along the recent technologic tools .

We dedicate our winemaking efforts to produce small and unique series such as typical single variesties from the region or old vines wines .

Being a small winery , our Cooperation with our costumers is extremely close Which makes easier how we comunicate .


Contact: Hugo Guimarães      [email protected]    Phone: +351 914236373

Avenida Principal, 1945 – 4535-014 Lourosa – Portugal



Portugal: Douro

Quinta da Veiga. Find us on K142

We are a family estate from the beautiful and unique Douro Valley in Portugal. We are a family Estate and we believe that to produce a wine with quality, we need to take care of the grapes in the vineyard and during all the production process. Our terroir is unique and we want to reflect that in our wines and to make sure consumers can enjoy a bit of Portugal when drinking them!

Our grapes are obviously hand-picked (as machinery wouldn’t even be able to move in our vineyards!). We also have a so-called ‘Solar’, which is dedicated to tourism, making sure that tourists can enjoy the full experience when visiting us.


Contact: Maria do Céu Esteves      [email protected]    Phone: +351 935 533 655

Casa da Capela, s/n. 5070-366 Sabrosa. Portugal



Portugal: Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro

Alpalina. Find us on K139

Alpalina is focus on products from Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro region, more specifically wines, olive oils, olives and chestnut paste, with the aim of promoting and selling them, always supporting the touristic promotion of that region (Douro Vinhateiro), which was the first demarcated wine region in the world and World Heritage Site.

The new wine-making tradition along with the gastronomy, it became one of the most important basis of our culture.

Using the most modern technology and the best grapes selection we offer unique wines, red and white, consequence of the unique combination of soil, climate and land work respecting nature. Wines which taste and smell as Douro, schist, gum rockrose, flowers and fruits from  the countryside.

Contact: Manuel Fernandes      [email protected]    Phone: +351 259 092 265

Rua Luís José Ribeiro, nº 11, HABUTAD, 5000-438 Vila Real, Portugal




Bajnof. Find us on K130

The specific Cvicek wine – EU allowed and registered blend of red and white varieties! Banjof is situated in the hilly SE part of Slovenia growing and producing  typical Cvicek wine: unique white & red blend. Light, refreshing and vigorous. New age wine!


Contact: Bruno Gabersek     [email protected]

Sevno 1, 8000 Novo mesto, Slovenia




Istenič d.o.o.. Find us on K130

Over the four decades, the idyllic setting in Bizeljsko region has been home to the first private sparkling wine production in Slovenia.


Contact: Bruno Gabersek     [email protected]

Celovška cesta 72, 1000 Ljubljana




Marof Winery. Find us on K131

MAROF-estate with the history dating back to 1905, when the Hungarian family Szápáry built wine cellar there. Unique wines from unique flatlands terroir. The new wine style from Slovene part of Panonia flatland. Great reds and matured chardonnay & sauvignon blanc.


Contact: Bruno Gabersek     [email protected]

Mackovci 35, 9202 Mackovci, Slovenia




Vina Joannes. Find us on K131

The best riesling and probably one of the best continental pinot noir from Slovenia. The Protner family named their brand after Saint Joannes whose statue dominates above their riesling vineyards on one of the steepest hills in the region.

Contact: Bruno Gabersek     [email protected]

Vodole 34, 2229 Malecnik, Slovenia




Vipavska wines – Slovenia (Faladur d.o.o.). Find us on K132

We are a group of young wine enthusiasts who see a great opportunity in presenting our small, boutique wine region of Vipavska valley, to the export markets.

Slovenia is a boutique country, Vipavska is a boutique wine region and the winemakers we represent are boutique winemakers from Vipavska.

The range of wines we represent comes from fresh, commercially interesting wines, towards more complex and also orange wines. They come from nature friendly winegrowing (some of them organic, some even biodynamic) and limited intervention winemaking.

I’ve long felt that the Vipava valley is a special terroir for exciting wines. The combination of sunny sloping sites, refreshed by cool breezes from the mountainsides give grapes with ripeness and aromatic expression but always with refreshing acidity to give balance.                             By Caroline Gilby MW April 2015


Contact: Matija Geržina      [email protected]    Phone: 38640299662

Cebejeva 4, SI5270 Ajdovscina




Cofama Wines Export. Find us on K101

We can develop a whole own portfolio of different wines and cavas from our cellars for you. Also we can just offer some interesting wines individually according to region, quality, price requested. Further, we can personalise designs according to your brands or needs. Finally, we can consolidate different wines from our different cellars to make grouped orders which allows you to save in shipping costs.


Contact: Josep Blasi      [email protected]    Phone: 34666519889

Carrer Casanovas i Bosch 57, 08202 Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain




Trinvest 2007. Find us on K121

La Prodigiosa is the first gourmet sangria made with 100% organic ingredients that arrives to the national and international market in two varieties: La Prodigiosa Tinta (Red) and La Prodigiosa Blanca (White).


Contact: Santiago Peribañez      [email protected]    Phone: 617338086

Ronda universidad 19,1 08007 Barcelona



Vinita Wines S.L.. Find us on K147

Vinita Wines offers a fine selection of wineries from different D.O all over Spain and acts as direct export department for these wineries. A huge range of own labelled wines as best value in lower price segment is offered to customize for clients

Contact: Victor Coll      [email protected]    Phone: 34629916515

Ctra. Nac. 340, km. 627



Spain: Atlantic Wines

La Maleta Hand Made Wines. Find us on K156

Our attractive range of Atlantic wines, classic and modern at the same time.

-Our love for the artisanal and well-done labour that leads us to look after all the details very carefully

-The combination of land, its varieties and the people adapting to their terroir


Contact: Marta Ramos      [email protected]    Phone: 0034 988 614234

Julio Prieto Nespereira 21 32005 Ourense



Spain: Cava

Canals & Munné. Find us on K154

Canals & Munné is a classic cava producer located in the heart of the D.O. Cava, owned 100% and runned by the Canals family from its foundation in 1915.

We specialise in cava Reserva and Gran Reserva only, at the most competitive prices.

Our catalogue includes more than 9 references and a new line of organic certified cavas.

Our commitment with our importers and distributors is to support them to grow together in the long term.

We are continuously improving our image, investing in new contests and markets and developing new products.


Contact: Natalia de la Calle      [email protected]    Phone: 34652417185

Pl. Pau Casals, 6



Spain: Cava, Rueda, Ribeiro, Rioja, Penedés, Ribera del Duero, Toro, Navarra

Spanish Boutique Wines. Find us on K155

We are a group of independent wineries that join forces to export our craft wines together. Our gang is formed by family wineries which make quality wines with an excellent price/quality relationship. You will find sparkling Cava wines, white and red wines from Rueda, Ribeiro, Rioja, Penedés, Ribera del Duero, Toro and organic wines from Navarra. Our price range goes from 2 to 13€ EXW. At the moment, none of our wines is being imported to the UK and we would like to have representation in one of the most important wine consumption markets in Europe. We do not need to sell large quantities, because our productions are limited. What we need is people as passionated as us in the wine world that believe in small proyects and interested in taking care of our wines in this so interesting market..


Contact: Cecilia Puebla      [email protected]    Phone: 34639250225

Jacinto Benavente 2, Bajo Sur – 47195 Arroyo de la Encomienda, Valladolid, Spain



Spain: Somontano

Bodegas Pago el Ariño SL. Find us on K146

Our winery is located in Somontano, the northeast of Spain, we have own vineyards in 180 has.

The varieties that we collect every harvest are: tempranillo, garnacha, syrah, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay.

At this moment we have distributors in different countries, such as: The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Belgium,  etc… And we would be very keen to introduce our wines to your country. This year Bodegas Olvena have won de Silver award in Decanter WWA 2014 with our Olvena 2013, 4 medals in IW&SC, 2 in International wine guide, silver award in Premium selection wine challenge,  Silver Award Mundus Vini.


Contact: Elisa Turon Ruiz      [email protected]    Phone: 34974308481

Paraje el Ariño, Torrefigueruela s/n 22300 Barbastro (Huesca)




Winzerei Zur Metzg. Find us on K167

“Winzerei Zur Metzg” is a Swiss Micro Winery with focus on Pinot Noir from old vines. The grapes come exclusively from top terroir in the north of canton Zurich, near to the German border and only 5 km away (air distance) from the Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen.

The winery was founded 2009 by Patrick Thalmann, a young wine enthusiast and career changer, who has ventured into wine production. The first production facilities were placed in the parent’s garage. 2010, due to lack of space, the winery was moved to an old bucher shop with cool premises for the perfect storage of wine barrels. This has given the name of the winery. “Metzg” = Swiss German for butcher’s shop. After a very intensive tasting the idea was born for the logo with the two crossed meat cleaver.

“2011 Pinot Noir *R*, Winzerei Zur Metzg” ranked no. 52 of “The 99 finest wines of Switzerland” by Schweizerische Weinzeitung (Nov./Dez. 2014); Vinum Wine Guide “The 100 best wineries of Switzerland” (Dec. 2014): on the watchlist, which includes 40 Swiss Wine producers belonging to the extended class of the 100 best Swiss winemakers.


Contact: Patrick Thalmann      [email protected]    Phone: +41 78 828 20 00

Winzerei Zur Metzg, Patrick Thalmann, Giesshübelstr. 106, CH-8045 Zurich, Switzerland



USA: California + France, Italy, Spain and South America

Zeal Wine Imports INC. Find us on K116

Zeal Wine Imports is a wine distributor based in Northern California with a portfolio of independent and emerging wineries focused on small batch hand-crafted wines, Our wines are selected from wine regions in California as well as  France, Italy, Spain, South America


Contact: Rick Delamain      [email protected]    Phone: 925-413-7520

1875 N broadway, Walnut Creek Ca 94596 USA